Bearing your dreams in mind, Ameriwal will always be with you.

Our Mission

At Ameriwal International, our mission is to strive to be the only company you will need to recruit achievement oriented students and to find top notch US high schools to attend.

About US

Ameriwal International, headquartered in New York, is a dedicated company, engaged in the education sector with excellent resources in the United States, Thailand, China, South Africa, and Haiti. Ameriwal has been rapidly evolving since its establishment in 2011, working with study abroad companies, student-recruiting agencies, government departments, national institutions, homestay programs, and many competitive private and public schools.

Ameriwal International is comprised of four (4) offices: New York (Ameriwal USA and International Headquarters), Bangkok (Ameriwal Thailand) Shanghai and Hangzhou (Ameriwal China). Each office handles a distinct function that assists our clients and partner schools. The Shanghai and New York Offices work jointly and focus on partner high school advertising, agency partnership cooperation, student screening, student care, recruiting and running our New International Student Orientation Program. The Hangzhou office works somewhat more independently, as their focus is on college admissions, job placement and language training resources for our students, and our special charitable projects. Our newly established office in Bangkok, Thailand focuses on recruiting Thai students for our partner schools.

The Founder of Ameriwal USA, who is also the Director of the New York office, started the company wanting to help Chinese students realize that their dreams of obtaining a better education is possible. He knew they could flourish and grow in America. At first, our focus was recruiting qualified students for our partner schools and facilitating the enrollment process from beginning to end. With our success in China, we decided to expand ourselves. We have established departments, developed more programs and made the decision to extend our services to other countries. We realized that there are numerous bright and intelligent students with the desire for an education but lack the funds and resources to fulfill that dream. With the official launch of our sister company (a non-profit organization), "Hopechain International," we created a platform where students from China, Haiti and South Africa can be sponsored to attend one of our partner high schools in the United States.

Ameriwal International recognizes that often times, international students are faced with the dilemma of what their living situation will be through the duration of their schooling in the US. If the school does not offer room and board, international students have to find alternate means of housing through a separate agency or company. If there is not a qualified host family available, then the student may lose the chance of attending that school. We do not want any student or school to miss out because of the lack of host families or student housing opportunities. Along with placing qualified students into our partner schools, we want to ensure that all international students will have a place they can call home. With the establishment of our homestay department, schools can come to us whenever they need help placing their international students into a host family. Once we know that a student needs a host family, Ameriwal will facilitate the entire process; from searching and interviewing qualified host families, to conducting background checks on the potential host families and lastly, the ultimate arrangement of the student to a host family. Both the school and the student can rest assured that the student's living situation will not be a hindrance for them and that they will be taken care of.

At Ameriwal International, we pride ourselves in being able to provide first class service to our clients and partner schools. Unlike many companies, we do not leave our students after enrollment; we stay with our students from the initial application through graduation and beyond. We are also constantly developing more programs for the enrichment of our students and educators, such as the summer and teacher-exchange programs. Hence, Ameriwal International provides unique opportunities for talented, smart, and motivated individuals to receive a great education and life experiences that will help them unlock their potential and get the most out of life's journey.