Bearing your dreams in mind, Ameriwal will always be with you.

Advantages of working with Ameriwal
(what can Ameriwal Offer to your school that will make your school want to work with us)

  • Establishment of Ameriwal Thailand market
  • Partnerships with Educational, Cultural, Religious, and non-profit organizations in China, South Africa and Haiti
  • Potential recruiting resources in Mexico and Ghana
  • We promote and advertise for you; saving you thousands in advertising money
  • We recruit for you, which involves pre-screening students and saving you time
  • Our offices are conveniently located in major cities, where there is a demand for assistance in applying to schools abroad
  • We are constantly working to increase our already substantial list of partners in China
  • An ever-increasing number of applicants
  • Ability to select qualified students
  • We facilitate the application process, which in turn means less processing of paper work for you
  • Each school is assigned one Student Services Coordinator; you only deal with one member of the Ameriwal family from the very beginning and for any matter pertaining (but not limited) to the recruiting and enrollment of students.
  • 24/7 service for the schools and students
  • Partnerships with homestay companies established in and servicing the US
  • Establishment of our own dormitories and homestay options available for all international students
  • No upfront cost
  • Through our main program, we can help you increase your school income
  • A proven record of accomplishment