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For Host Families

“You could change the world with a student who needs a home. Host an International Student today!”

You may or may not have hosted an international student before, but take it from us, it is truly a rewarding experience. Hosting an international student opens you, your family and your home to a new culture in a way TV or even a trip abroad could never accomplish. Hosting in international student is a lot like bringing the world to your home.

These students are excited about learning American English and culture. It is a chance for you to represent the United States and your own culture to the student. This experience is about learning, teaching, and forming bonds of friendship. It is not uncommon that as time goes on, it will be as if you have added a wonderful new member to your family.

Students share their own traditions, meals, and beliefs with you. We do give financial stipends to make your new addition more comfortable for your family to enjoy hosting with special meals or excursions. We do provide services for the student to aid in their journey towards academic excellence but we do hope that you help them as well. We believe you could change the world with a student who needs a home.

For more information about hosting, contact us.