Bearing your dreams in mind, Ameriwal will always be with you.

For Students

“A Good Home is never hard to find”

At Ameriwal, we work hard to serve you and United Homestay has a number of great housing options for you. We will work with your boarding school to ensure you have an amazing experience and you will have access to as many of our services as you can take. If you are attending a day school, we will be there to help you find the home best suited for you and your needs. UHS has a great host family resources, as well as university-style housing options. We carefully select all of our hosts, employees and service providers to ensure the environment that you, the student, are entering is safe, secure, welcoming and attentive.

We do not just match you to people, we match you to a good home and to the services you need to excel. You will be provided with a private bedroom and a meal plan. We will assist you in learning the local customs and transportation systems, and most importantly help you become more acquainted with the American lifestyle. We encourage you to share information about your culture with your hosts and fellow students.

A good home is not hard to find, let Ameriwal help you find one especially for you!