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School Fairs

Ameriwal International offers our partners the opportunity to come with us to our school fairs in China to learn about the inner workings of Ameriwal International, meet some amazing students, experience Chinese culture, and visit local schools among other things. This trip will give our partner schools insight about how Ameriwal International works firsthand.

Through our complex network, we have been able to organize school fair trips to different cities in China during the Fall and Spring. In these fairs, school representatives are able to present and showcase their school and everything they have to offer, as well as speak to prospective students and their parents. The fair events vary from small and intimate to big conferences. In each case, you will also be able to conduct one-on-one interviews with a prospective student or small group interviews.

This short but fully packed trip takes our partners to different cities throughout China where there is a high demand from agents and agencies who place students in schools overseas. Just like our partner schools, we connect our partner agencies to our networks so they can feel like a part of the Ameriwal family. This trip also offers something great for both schools and potential students. Our school fairs enable direct interaction between the school and students, and we highly recommend all of our partners to attend if possible.