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What our partners are saying about us...

"While there are hundreds of agencies operating in the Chinese market, Ameriwal stands among the best because of their commitment to both assisting schools and assisting students before, during, and after the admissions process. Ameriwal makes the admissions process effortless for administrators by providing all essential documents promptly and in an easy to read format." -Landry Humphries- Associate Director of Admissions- The Brook Hill School

"I have been 100% satisfied with Ameriwal, from the concern they show for children finding the right programs, to their high degree of responsiveness, and the collaborative approach they take to the work, it is an exceptional organization. The students they refer have been terrific for our school and we could not be more satisfied in that regard as well. To any school or parent that is considering an agency connection, I offer my highest recommendation." -Christopher Quirk- High School Director- Easton Academy of Innovative Learning

"I appreciate the effort made by all involved from Ameriwal. I am looking forward to many of the students we met, coming to Bridgeport International Academy this spring semester and fall of next year." - Peter van Geldern- President of the School of Art- Bridgeport International Academy